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Other uses of Resonance Frequencies

Other uses of Resonance Frequencies

resonance energy The destruction of microbes is only one aspect of what resonant frequencies can do. Some frequencies help the body  fight infection by boosting the immune system and stimulating the adrenal glands, which are responsible for stress, fight/flight response.

Resonance frequencies are also useful for regenerating organs and glands and healing.

What other therapies work well with the Resonance Detox?

It can be effectively combined with other healing modalities such as colonics and nutrition.

It is useful to have the onsite parasite/bacterial test prior to this detox in order to identify potential pathogens in your body. Therefore they can be specifically targeted in the resonance detox.

Equally if you already know which microorganism is ailing you, from medical testing, the correct frequencies can then be applied to destroy that particular microbe.

Colonics are very useful when having resonance detox sessions, to flush the toxins of the destroyed microbes from the body.

Once waste and microbes are cleared from the cells, nutrients can enter them and tissue can start to function optimally. Having detoxed your body of microbes, a change to a healthier diet, is a good ally to keeping microbes at bay.