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Resonance Detox – Rife Therapy

Bioresonance – Rife Therapy

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

All living things are made of cells, composed of atoms, which make up particles. These so-called particles are actually just vibrating energy.

Resonance Detox is the removal of bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi, protozoa, candida, worms and more from your body using resonance frequency.

Watch the video to see a parasite being killed with
Resonance Frequency inside the body

It has been scientifically proven that every microbe has its own resonance frequency at which it vibrates and shakes until it is destroyed by a matching frequency.

The destruction of a microbe has often been compared to a soprano singing a pure focused tone that shatters a glass whose resonant frequency matches a particular note.

The resonance detox frequencies are also capable of destroying microbes that mutate from the original bug.

Resonance frequency is a powerful tool to rid your body of ailments caused by pathogens. By identifying the microorganism and using resonance frequency, you can be free of health conditions triggered by these pathogens.

What causes Disease?

It is believed that virtually all diseases have an underlying microbe at its origin. This includes diseases that are not normally considered microbial in origin.

Most bacterial, viruses, parasites, possess weak outer walls. When they are targeted using the correct resonance frequency, they shatter and fall apart without damage to human cells.

In the 1930s Dr Royal Rife discovered the vibration of each microbe and the precise frequencies to eliminate them. He proved that bacteria, parasites, viruses and many other types of microbes are destroyed at specific frequencies.

Resonance frequency kills pathogens and therefore resolves the health conditions associated with them.

How popular is this technology?

Doctors in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Mexico and many other countries in the world safely and commonly use rife technology today.

In the 1930s Dr Rife employed resonance frequencies for degenerative conditions such as cataracts, cancer, tuberculosis, herpes and other illnesses with excellent results.

His work underwent clinical trials and was highlighted in Science Magazine, medical journals and the Smithsonian Institution. Having designed and built a large number of medical research instruments, he won many awards for his scientific work.