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Nutrition Consultation

What does a Nutritional Consultation Include?


A nutrition questionnaire is used by a qualified nutritionist to gather information on health history, medication, supplemental history, review of organ systems, diet history, lifestyle, and exercise history

Assorted summer berriesObservations

Clinical examination of nails, tongue, eyes, height, weight, blood pressure.

Bio-Resonance Testing

A range of functional tests are available onsite using a cutting edge bio-resonance machine. Tests such as food intolerance, parasite, bacterium, fungi, virus testing, vitamin and mineral testing, digestive imbalances, hormone balance testing, heavy metal overload and many more are available.

The tests are accurate and non-invasive, using electro-dermal screening (EDS), via hand-held terminals. These are powered by advanced, computerised bio-energetic technology. The system has been developed over the last 50 years and represents one of the world’s most sophisticated health assessment instruments. The results enable practitioners to give accurate recommendations for holistic treatment programs.

The bio-resonance machine can perform a full body scan of all your organs and glands to determine those that are stressed and imbalanced and need support. The root cause of ailments and ways to heal them can be identified. The system will then automatically load products (remedies) that are useful for restoring homeostasis or balance. It will quickly scan through these until the person’s body detects the product/remedy that will remove the underlying imbalance and allow the patient to obtain an improved level of health.


Based on the clinical examinations, assessment and in-clinic test results, the recommendations will be based on the following:

  • Dietary/supplemental recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Referral for laboratory tests if considered necessary for further investigation, e.g blood, stool, saliva, hormones, urine, sweat