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What happens during a Colonic Treatment?

What happens during a Colonic Treatment?

Bamboo leaves reflected in rendered water  On arrival at the clinic you will be asked to complete a case history form regarding your diet, medical history and lifestyle before your session. If you are taking any medication or supplements it is very useful to bring these with you.

Your modesty will be protected by wearing the supplied gown or a towel below your waist, whilst maintaining your clothes on your upper body.  Once on the couch you will lie on your left side as a lubricated disposal tube (speculum) is inserted into your rectum. The speculum is about 2 inches long.

The therapist starts short fills of filtered warm water into the colon, under gentle gravitational pressure through the rectum. Gentle abdominal massage used periodically during the session, facilitates the release of faecal matter and old deposits.  Additionally the water softens the stools which aids in their discharge, helping to cleanse the colon. The therapist works progressively around the length of the whole colon.

Herbs or coffee may also be used as part of the treatment depending on the condition, to assist in the release. The whole process takes approximately 40 minutes.

A treatment programme will be discussed at the end of your first session. This varies from person to person as everyone is unique. Different factors influence the level of congestion in an individual’s bowel.

How will I feel after the Colonic?

Most people experience a feeling of cleanliness, enhanced mental clarity and energy after a colonic. Having reduced their toxic load and improved their elimination, a sensation of well-being or lightness is produced.

There is also the more evident alleviation of bloating, gas, constipation, skin problems, toxic headaches etc. In the long term there is improved nutrient absorption and a reduced risk of bowel disease.

You will be able to carry on with your everyday duties as normal after your treatment.